Cluster Groups


A “cluster” is a small group consisting of three people of the same gender who meet weekly. The purpose of the group is spiritual growth and multiplication. There is no specific leader. There is no curriculum other than the Bible.


Clusters are mutual accountability groups with three main areas of focus: scripture, confession of sin, and praying for the lost.

Scripture is read: Each group agrees on a portion of scripture to read for that week. They hold each other accountable for reading the material as planned. If anyone hasn’t read the section, the whole group repeats it the next week until all have done it. They share with each other what made the deepest impressions on them from the passage.

Sin is confessed: Before the group begins meeting, it agrees on a list of questions to ask each week. These can be printed on a bookmark and kept in each member’s Bible. Each week the members go through and ask each other if they have failed in any area.

Souls are prayed for: On the back side of the bookmark are biblical prayer requests for unbelievers. Each person is accountable to regularly pray for friends and neighbors strategically, specifically and continually.


Clusters are multiplied by occasionally adding a fourth member to the group. After the new person is acquainted with the process the group splits in two, with an additional person added to each group.