Treasure in the Ordinary

This week’s sermon, “Treasure in the Ordinary” from Malachi, is the last in Pastor Jay’s summer series on the minor prophets, “Primer Lessons to the Gospel.”

The Lord’s people treasure Him even in the midst of ordinary.

  • We treasure His redemptive love.
  • We treasure Him as a son honors his father.
  • We treasure His name.
  • We treasure Him without tiring of Him.
  • We treasure by leveraging our covenant heritage.
  • We treasure His covenant in the dace of temporary, tempting alternatives.
  • We treasure His justice even when we do not comprehend.
  • We treasure His coming judgement.
  • We treasure His with our tithed treasure.
  • We treasure His as worthy of our devotion.
  • We treasure His, because we are His treasure.
  • We treasure His promises for tomorrow.