Nahum-The Hard News of the Gospel

This week’s sermon, “Nahum-The Hard News of the Gospel,” from Nahum 1-3, is the latest in Pastor Jay’s summer series on the minor prophets, “Primer Lessons to the Gospel.”

We need to embrace the hard news of God’s judgment if we embrace the good news of His grace.

  • Because God’s judgment flows from his character.
    • what he has told us about himself.
    • what he has shown us about himself.
    • what he has proven to us.
  • Because man plots evil against the Lord.
  • Because God calls it good news.
  • Because history teaches us how God deals with sinful man.
  • Remember that God had been gracious and slow to anger.
  • Remember that their evil caused untold suffering.
  • Remember that we deserved the same.
  • Remember that by this God is restoring and redeeming His people.
  • Remember that God is worthy of worship for His justice and holiness.
  • Remember that He is good and a stronghold for those who take refuge in Him.