God’s Plan of Salvation Pt. 2

This week’s sermon, “God’s Plan of Salvation Pt. 2,” from Micah 5:1-7:20, is the second of two sermons on the book of Micah and is the latest in Pastor Jay’s summer series on the minor prophets, “Primer Lessons to the Gospel.”

We can trust God’s revealed plan of salvation.

  • We should trust that God’s plan of salvation is accomplished in Jesus Christ.
  • We should expect final victory for God’s people in their salvation.
  • We should expect God to cleanse His people in salvation.
  • We should expect God to deal with our ingratitude in salvation.
  • We should see that heart-centered obedience accompanies genuine salvation.
  • We should expect God to use discipline to bring His people to salvation.
  • We should see our utter need of His salvation.
  • We know that God will glorify Himself by our salvation.