God’s Plan of Salvation Pt. 1

This week’s sermon, “God’s Plan of Salvation Pt. 1,” from Micah 1:1-4:13, is the first of two sermons on the book of Micah and is the latest in Pastor Jay’s summer series on the minor prophets, “Primer Lessons to the Gospel.”

Trust God’s revealed plan of salvation.

  • We need to pay attention to His point of view.
  • We need to agree with Him about our sin.
  • We need to lament for the ruin of our sin.
  • We need to leave aside our own self-serving plans.
  • We need to learn the joy of being the remnant of His flock.
  • We need to repent in the face of judgement.
  • We need to fix our hope on His future Messianic kingdom.