Days of the Lord

Pastor Jay continues his summer series on the minor prophets, “Primer Lessons to the Gospel,” with this week’s sermon, “Days of the Lord,” from Joel 1:1-3:21.

  • Day of the Lord #1: “in your days or the days of your father” – local locusts – Joel 1:1-2:27
  • Day of the Lord #2: “in those days…when I restore the fortunes of…” – Joel 2:28-3:21


  • God is sovereign over nature and calamity.
  • We take God’s providential care for granted.
  • God may go to war with us.
  • God is true to His self-description.
  • Repentance must be from the heart.
  • God calls a people to Himself.
  • All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.