New Sunday Schedule:
9:15 - Sunday School & ABF
10:30 - Worship
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    Thu, Nov 27Church Office Closed
    Fri, Nov 28Church Office Closed
    Sat, Nov 29 7:00 am
    "Men-to-Men" Bible Study
    Sun, Nov 30 9:15 am
    Sunday School/ABF
    Sun, Nov 30 10:30 am
    Worship Service
    Mon, Dec 1 6:30 pm
    Celebrate Recovery
    Tue, Dec 2 6:30 am
    "It's a Guy Thing" Men's Bible Study
    Tue, Dec 2 7:00 pm
    Finance Team
    Wed, Dec 3 1:00 pm
    Women's Prayer Group
    Wed, Dec 3 6:30 pm

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